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ShopBot Tools updates Desktop MAX ATC

ShopBot Tools, a U.S. CNC router manufacturer in both the full-size machine and the small-format machine markets, has re-envisioned its popular Desktop MAX ATC to automate production work for the industrial market, the entrepreneur, educator, and maker.

“Like the previous model of this tool, its machined aluminum frame with a 36” x 24” cutting area continues to have an open-bed design and boasts several deck options that can be swapped out based on demands: a universal vacuum hold down deck with plenum and bleeder board; a slotted aluminum deck which can be partially or completely removed for a wide variety of end-milling and edge work; and a lower slotted aluminum deck with an additional 4” of Z-clearance for thicker materials,” ShopBot explained.

“The ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC V2 has a number of useful new features. It now comes preloaded with a toolbar housing seven ER-20 toolholders which can hold bits with a shank up to a 1/2” for woodworking and metal machining jobs. The removable toolbar allows through cutting for long materials that extend off the bed of the machine and for switching full sets of cutters as needed for specific jobs. Seven collets of your choice are included with the purchase of a Desktop MAX ATC, 1/8″ – 1/2” and corresponding metric sizes are available. Vectric’s VCarve Pro CAD/CAM software and ShopBot CNC Control System Software are included with each tool purchase along with live technical support and training options.

“Ready for prototyping or production in any size shop, the Desktop MAX ATC requires only 110-volt electrical service and an air source to provide 4cfm at 90 psi. The Desktop MAX ATC ships fully-assembled and fleet pricing is available.


Visit with ShopBot at AWFS booth No. 3017.