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Reduce downtime with ACMOS release agent

ACMOS Inc. will present its 100-5030 edge band release agent at the 2023 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

“ACMOS 100-5030 is a silicone-free release agent suited for spraying systems on leading edge banding machines to prevent the adhesion of hot-melt residues on material surfaces, machinery, and tooling,” the exhibitor explained.

“ACMOS 100-5030 is a versatile release agent that simplifies and replaces several other agents that are often used in edge banding spray systems. Only a single product is required when using the ACMOS 100-5030 release agent, which reduces inventory complexity. The formulation is water-based, non-flammable, and non-hazardous, which makes storage and handling safer and simplifies shipping, saving customers a significant amount on transportation costs.

“ACMOS 100-5030 works by forming a thin, barely visible separating film which prevents the adhesion of hotmelt adhesives. It delivers a proper release without leaving behind any residues and no further cleaning is needed. ACMOS 100-5030 can be further diluted with water, making it economical in use and saving on material costs. It promotes high quality finishes, reduces production downtime due to cleaning, and extends machine longevity.”

Visit with ACMOS Inc. at AWFS booth No. 4362.