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RSA Solutions introducing EagleEye ERP

RSA Solutions will feature a new product offering, EagleEye ERP, a complete management software solution specifically designed for cabinet, fixture and closet manufacturing at AWFS.

EagleEye ERP connects with and uses the data from Cabinet Vision – or almost any other commonly used engineering and design software – to integrate all facets of the manufacturing process. It is cloud-based, available as touchscreen and allows access on a variety of devices, from PCs to MAC and tablets 8” screen or larger.

“EagleEye ERP is really the only solution, specifically designed for our industry, that benefits a job shop climate,” says Roger Shaw, RSA Solutions chairman and founder. “If you’re a five-man shop and you use Cabinet Vision, you can easily integrate this software – and become more profitable – using EagleEye ERP.”

For more, visit booth No. 7668 at AWFS and