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Finalists selected for Visionary New Product Awards

The finalists for the 2019 Visionary New Product Awards, recognizing creativity and innovation, have been announced by the AWFS.

The winners will be announced Friday morning, July 19, in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The finalists in their respective categories are:

  • The Häfele Axilo Plinth Adjusting Fitting System: Häfele America Co. (Booth No. 4422)
  • Viet Watch: Biesse (Booth No. 8036)
  • LIGNIA Fire: LIGNIA Wood Co. Ltd. (Booth No. 9978)
  • Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter: Wagner Meters (Booth No. 4260)
  • OMNIA: FGV America Inc. (Booth No. 5835)
Industry 4.0
  • Maestro Smartech: SCM North America (Booth No. 8200)
  • WN6 ROS (Robotic Operating System): Biesse (Booth No. 8036)
  • Driverless Python XPR: CNC Factory (Booth No. 7414)
Machinery Over $50,000
  • CMA ADPS Robotic Spraying Cell: Robotic Solutions LLC (Booth No. 10233)
  • Roba Fusion 1: MB Maschinenbau GmbH (Booth No. 9256)
  • Voorwood Automatic Size & Square SET System: Voorwood/Turbosand (Booth No. 8247)
Machinery Under $50,000
  • Preventive Contact System: Felder Group USA (Booth No. 8625)
  • SmartBench Portable CNC router: Yeti Tool Ltd. (Booth No. 10034)
  • Baleco LP: 3A Composites USA Inc. (Booth No. 4161)
  • L5 No Lock Air Lock Fence: Northtech Machine LLC (Booth No. 9725)
Power Tools
  • Cordless 2″, 23-gauge Headless Pinner: Grex Power Tool (Booth No. 10014)
  • Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collector: Oneida Air Systems (Booth No. 9947)
Raw Material
  • Ecotherm Ecological Fire Rated Treatments: Ecotherm (Booth No. 4635)
  • X-Matt: MB Maschinenbau GmbH (Booth No. 7074)
  • EagleEye ERP: EagleEyeERP (Booth No. 4133)
  • MAGIS: Altendorf Group America (Booth No. 7581)
  • Virtual Zero Unlimited: Next Wave Automation (Booth No. 7978)
  • On/Off Workholding Jig Magnets: Master Magnetics (Booth No. 4644)
  • Bessey GearKlamp: Bessey Tools North America (Booth No. 6102)