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Gibbs Group presenting new Cup Brush Sander

Gibbs Group North America announces the new Cup Brush Sander from Gibbs-Sandtech in Great Brittan.

“The Gibbs Cup Brush Sander’s impressive size and robust construction shows its ability to perform both the most delicate of sealer-sanding and general sanding tasks,” the AWFS exhibitor said in a statement.

Features include:

  • Unique Surface 360-degree brush sanding technology
  • Low-cost brush and abrasive replacement
  • Easy operation with touch screen control display, including six customizable programs for easy and fast change-over
  • An automatic cleaning function, leaving the doors dust free and ready for finishing
  • Several machine sizes to fit any shop

For a demonstration, visit the Gibbs Group North America booth (No. 1662) at AWFS.