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Check out the LBR SmartFilter from Nederman

Take control of your factory air with Nederman’s LBR SmartFilter future-proof dust collection and filtration solution that improves worker health and safety, increases productivity, eases maintenance and improves sustainability, according to the AWFS exhibitor.

“The LBR SmartFilter includes Integrated sensors on critical system components including fans, VFDs, combustible dust isolation valves, material handling systems and more. Active monitoring with local, email and or mobile device alerts when action or maintenance is required keeps the system operating reliably. View this important operational data on any connected device to be tracked remotely avoiding some manual inspections and or enabling system tracking at multiple sites,” the company said in a statement.

“The Insight Control functions as the HMI, an IoT gateway and the filter controller. The Insight Control includes a vibrant touch screen with summarized home screen, system schematic available in local units and fifteen languages and the alarming conforms with ISA 18.2 and IEC 62682 global standards.

“Nederman offers myAir service and support where customers access data analytics and enhanced technical support empowering them to take control of their factory air, minimize downtime and maximize production.”

Visit Nederman at AWFS booth No. 1759.