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For safety products, visit with Pinnacle Systems

Pinnacle Systems, a U.S. manufacturer of standard and custom safety products for industrial machine guarding applications, will feature safety light curtains, safety mat systems and ergonomic palm buttons at AWFS.

“Custom safety mats and large machine layouts are our specialty,” the exhibitor said in a statement. “Safety mats are pressure-sensitive machine safeguarding products for the industrial marketplace. Safety mats are designed to detect the presence of workers or passer-by on the mat surface area around hazardous machines. [Our] safety mats are flexible, impact resilient, functional after punctures, extremely durable and will not rust. We offer the largest selection of sizes and styles available.

“Additional capabilities include repair, assembly and engineering. Risk assessment is also offered. All products are manufactured, engineered and serviced in the U.S.A.”

For more, visit booth No. 9278 at AWFS and