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Cyncly has integrated solutions

Cyncly will demonstrate how its portfolio of software solutions helps manufacturers maximize their hardware investment at AWFS.

“It’s fitting that the tagline for this year’s AWFS is ‘Connect with Opportunity’,” says Bryce Nord, Cyncly’s director of sales for North America. “We introduced Cyncly to the market as a means of connecting manufacturers with retailers and their consumers. Now, we get to show furniture and wood manufacturers the opportunity this connection provides them.

“What’s truly exciting is that by combining all our integrated solutions – including VCPQ, ERP, MES, WMS, CAD/CAM and online 3D configuration – we can enable businesses to streamline and accelerate every single step of the point-of-sale through manufacturing process. This is the first time a true end-to-end solution has been available to woodworking and furniture manufacturers.”

Visit with Cyncly at AWFS booth No. 3218.