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Peak Toolworks will present T-slot planer head at AWFS


The innovative R&D department at Peak Toolworks has created the T-slot planer head to address the need for a quieter planer head that is cost effective and still achieves the high feed rates required in large planing operations.

“The T-slot planer system is customizable and modular in design meaning diameters, wing count and cutter length are application specific,” the company said in a statement. “A typical T-Slot Planer Head length is 150mm long and can be mounted end to end on an arbor to reach any cutting width required. The clamping system for the knives is such that the carbide inserts can be changed while the tool is still mounted on the arbor.

“The T-slot planer head is designed to utilize popular and inexpensive carbide turnover knives that come in many different grades. If applicable, the clamping blocks can also be tipped in diamond for even longer run times and fewer tool changes.

“The T-slot planer head design allows for higher wing counts than are possible with typical insert type planer heads. For example, a 6-1/2” diameter head with a 2-1/8” hydro bore is capable of a full 12-wing effective cut. Depending on the ratio of cutter blocks to spacer blocks that you load the tool with. This same cutter head could be reduced to a two-wing effective cut.

“The T-slot planer head is very durable and versatile. The head and all other components are made of steel. It can also be manufactured from aluminum, if weight is an issue. The insert blocks can be designed with greater gullet capacity when a larger amount of material removal is necessary.

Learn more from Peak Toolworks at AWFS booth No. 2377.