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An easy way to get a complete bill of material for duct installation

Too often those designing ductwork installations miss an elbow, branch or some other essential piece of ductwork, resulting in a rush order during installation. Nordfab experts can provide free 3D designs, using Quick-Fit Visual (QFV), an online tool for designing dust collection ductwork installations, which helps users ensure they will have all the parts needed for an installation.

“QFV provides automatic calculation of duct sizing, static pressure loss, and system requirements. Users can output a quotation and visual 3D plan; source and procure all components needed for the installation through QFV’s integration with Nordfab’s quoting / ordering tool; and obtain the information needed to execute the installation,” Norfab explains.

“In addition to the 3D floorplan image and bill of material, users can output a .dwg drawing for use with CAD tools to incorporate the duct system into other facility installation plans.”


Nordfab will exhibit in booth No. 2317 at AWFS.