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Speed up the application of glaze with the SATAjet 20B

The SATAjet 20 B can greatly help to speed the application of the glaze to the different profiles of cabinet doors during the finishing process. Not only does it save time, it can also save a large amount of glaze and wiping rags.

“When glaze is applied with the SATAjet 20B, you may apply a very fine line, targeting the specific area which will lead to minimal wiping,” the manufacturer explained.

“To properly set up the SATAjet 20 B for glazing; fill the paint cup with glaze, increase the air pressure just enough to help pull the glaze out like a squirt gun, lay the spray gun tip down (somewhat parallel) to the door profile to be glazed, pull the trigger dragging the tip along the grove as you lay down a fine line of glaze. The small amount of air pressure required will also help push the glaze into the recessed areas and between the wood panels. Great for the use of waterborne or solvent.”

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