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Soukup America will feature Temac CNC tenoner

The Temac CNC tenoner is ideal for workshops doing short-run, highly custom joinery. Its innovative design allows it to cut with different tools on the forward and back passes of your piece for fast processing and tearout-free tenons, according to Soukup America.

“The Temac eliminates time spent on tool changes, the largest source of downtime in every window or door production,” Soukup, an AWFS fair exhibitor, explains.

“Its CNC spindle mounts large stacks of tools and moves up and down to rapidly change between cuts with the precision of CNC control. It’s robust enough to mount oversized tools for deep tenons, with a stable cut. The machine is controlled via an intuitive 7” touchscreen and can also be run in manual mode without programming for short-run work.”

For more, visit booth No. 8075 at the AWFS Fair and