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ShopBot Tools launching Subscription CNC

ShopBot is introducing its Subscription CNC program, emphasizing a simple, straightforward service that makes it easy to put a ShopBot CNC tool to work.

For one monthly payment, subscribers can put a Handibot Smart Power Tool, ShopBot Desktop, ShopBot Desktop Max or ShopBot Buddy into production and access ShopBot’s team of trainers, web training resources, and in-house support. There are no shipping fees and no cancellation fees. Subscription terms start with a minimum three-month commitment, according to the company.

“This is a service of a special kind available to individuals, companies, schools, and groups interested in having production assets at hand without distraction. When the subscription has served its function for you, and you’ve developed the resources and confidence for an investment, then you can cancel the subscription and build-out with equipment—now with a better understanding as to what you need,” said Jeanne Taylor, ShopBot’s director of sales and marketing.

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