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Raptor nails are virtually undetectable

Raptor Composite Fasteners save time, labor, materials and tooling, according to the AWFS exhibitor.

“Metal fasteners create problems for woodworkers from damaged sawblades, bits, and abrasives to corrosion and wood degradation. Fasten with Raptor, and you can cut, sand, and shape your product without damaging tools or abrasives. Raptor nails will never rust or corrode so they can be driven flush, leaving no holes to putty. Just sand, paint or stain. Raptor nails are virtually undetectable,” the company said in a statement.

“With Raptor, CNC woodworkers no longer worry about bits damaged by accidental contact with metal nails. Door manufacturers can immediately sand or cut to size without hitting metal nails—no need for clamps or waiting for glue to dry. The result is fast and streamlined production with a measurable cost savings.”

For more, visit booth No. 4226 at AWFS and