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New lifter system from Grass America

Grass America will present the Kinvaro T-Slim at AWFS, a new lifter system for wooden flap doors that creates new possibilities in the design of overhead wall cabinets.

The Kinvaro T-Slim combines the aesthetic advantages of almost invisibly blending into furniture cabinetry with the functional advantages of extremely smooth movement, outstanding strength and durability, according to Grass.

“The T-Slim fittings are hidden from view: the flap mechanism has a width of 12 mm, small enough to be inserted into wood and MDF side walls as thin as 16 mm,” the company explains.

“Alternatively, the ultra-thin mechanism can be screwed onto side walls and hidden by overlaying cover plates. The clean look of sidewalls with all the fittings hidden is clearly a more appealing design when cabinets are open. The reduction in size also offers another benefit: the flap lift mechanism takes up very little room, so that storage space can be utilized to its full potential.”

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