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Microjig launches new Matchfit dovetail hardware

Nothing kills creativity or productivity like a cluttered workshop. With tons of expensive T-track and the accompanying hardware lying around, woodworkers can easily become frustrated by parts that don’t work together and reluctant to use unwieldy systems on projects.

Microjig, the leader in table saw accessories, has launched an all-new, innovative product to clear up workshops and solve this problem: Matchfit Dovetail Hardware.

With Matchfit Dovetail Hardware, woodworkers can create their own track with the same functionality and versatility as T-track, minus the pricey cost and mixing and matching hardware, according to the company.

“We’re big believers in always moving forward and never getting complacent with the status quo,” said Bruce Wang, CEO of Microjig. “When most people find work arounds, we work hard to design a solution that addresses the issue at root. The Matchfit Dovetail Hardware makes it so much easier and faster to build the jigs and fixtures you use every day around the shop and allows you to create new builds you couldn’t with the standard fixture hardware.”

The Matchfit Dovetail Hardware uses one standard profile, which matches Microjig’s Matchfit Dovetail Clamps. Because of this, woodworkers can create their own track anywhere with a standard, ½”, 14-degree dovetail router bit.

The hardware comes in a variety of configurations: 1”-long with round knobs, 1-1/2”-long with wing knobs for more torque, and track nut, which allows the user to use any length of screw for flat surfaces.

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