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General will showcase award-winning new products

General will exhibit groundbreaking products such as the Automated/Digital Table Saw, the complete line of Dual Action Switch Dust Collectors and a new line of Air Filtration Systems at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

These products feature General’s patent-pending SMART technology, and the Table Saw and Air Filtration Systems were recognized in Wood magazine’s Innovate Awards 2021 for their quality and ingenuity.

“Unlike anything else offered in the commercial industry, General’s Automated/Digital Table Saw offers unprecedented automation capabilities designed for maximum precision cutting,” the company explains. “Using a SMART digital keypad located on the front of the fence, users can easily program the desired blade depth and angle before letting the saw handle the rest. The fence is also automated and controlled by the same keypad. Once the fence is zeroed out, users can plug in any cut dimension and with the simple push of a button, the saw creates the precise rip cut needed. With a rip fence that is accurate to .001 inches due to its digital capabilities, users no longer need to worry about accuracy and the issue of parallax with a magnified cursor on the rip fence.

“The Automated/Digital Table Saw is particularly helpful for repetitive cuts: one touch of the button will adjust the fence to exactly where the user wants it. This innovative product has both height and tilt powered blade adjustments, and is available in four iterations of different sizes, left-tilting angles ranging from zero to 45 degrees, 36- and 52-inch rip capacities, and three and five horsepowers.”

General will also be showcasing its new SMART Table Saw Retro Fence, which is the first digital, automated consumer table saw fence system on the market, Dual Action Switch Dust Collectors, which allow users to easily eliminate dust and other debris within the shop.

“When a machine is plugged into the dust collector, a dual-action switch will automatically turn the collector on and off in sync with the machine – thereby saving users from the common pitfall of forgetting to turn on their dust collecting systems while working. These new products also feature powerful motors ranging from 1-3 HP, a sealed bearing and shaft for quiet, long-lasting operation, spark-resistant impellers, two-inch wheels for exceptional stability and smooth mobility, and much more.”

For more, visit booth No. 1969 at AWFS.