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Protect your health in the paint booth

SATA has developed a modern-design, breathing protection solution, the SATA air vision 5000, which is used in conjunction with Grade D breathable air.

“Every day painters are exposed to solvents, sanding dust and overspray. It is important for painters to effectively protect their respiratory tracts as well as their heads, eyes, hair and skin,” the AWFS exhibitor explained.

“The breathing system consists of the supplied air respirator, either the SATA air regulator or the SATA air carbon regulator, and a belt unit which allows for attachment of add-on modules. These optional modules include the SATA air warmer, SATA air humidifier and the SATA air cooler which all help to enhance breathing comfort.

“The breathing protection hood protects the respiratory system and the complete head area against solvents and overspray. The head piece can be easily adjusted to fit every head shape. The soft stream flow-optimized breathing air and large field of vision further enhance comfort.”

For more, visit booth No. 4137 at AWFS and