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AWFS takes sustainability seriously

The AWFS Fair features a Destroy Responsibly Program in partnership with WEIMA America, Freeman, and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“The AWFS Fair is proud to be Earth-minded as we recognize our trade show has an impact on the environment. Through our sustainability efforts we are continually striving to identify, understand and address these impacts to achieve continual improvement show after show,” the AWFS said in a statement.

“Our areas of focus continue to be waste management, food supply and donation, energy and water conservation, sustainability procurement, and community engagement.

“Do you remember the staggering waste produced at a typical show or event that went into landfills? Since then, recycling and sustainability have had a positive impact on AWFS Fair and several North American trade shows. We no longer see mountains of brochures, paper products, give-a-ways, and carpeting thrown away. We take sustainability into account with every decision we make to produce the most Earth-minded trade show we possibly can.”

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