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Cabinotch offers endless possibilities

Winner of the 2010 IWF Challenger’s Award, Cabinotch Cabinet Box Systems revolutionized the construction of boxes for the cabinet making industry.

Combining patented interlocking joinery and the ability to order any customized dimensions needed, Cabinotch Cabinet Boxes offer custom cabinet makers endless possibilities to maximize production and efficiency while offering their customers unparalleled quality and speed, according to the company.

“Cabinotch cabinet components manufactured in Owensboro, Kentucky, and are made with PureBond formaldehyde-free domestic plywood, different TFL, and melamine. Cabinotch offers both face frame and Full access cabinetry,” the AWFS exhibitor explained.

“Cabinotch Cabinet Boxes can be designed and purchased directly from our website ( and can also be designed using KCD Design Software. Cabinotch offers nine different species of frame and finishable end panels, UV pre-finished or raw interior options and customizable sizes to the 1/1000th of an inch, making your next project truly custom.”

Visit Cabinotch at AWFS booth No. 3563.