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Atlas Copco’s G 2-7 range boosts productivity while lowering costs

G 2-7 series – family – G2 – G3 – G4 – G5 -G7.

Atlas Copco Compressors announces the G 2-7 launch, a new range of 3-10 hp rotary screw air compressors, with an Elektronikon Base controller.

“The G 2-7 models are Atlas Copco’s smallest rotary screw compressors, ideal for general manufacturing, garages, workshops, and operations with changing compressed air demands that are looking to expand,” the AWFS exhibitor explains.

“Though small in size, the G 2-7 range offers significant benefits. Due to the premium motor and new proprietary element, the G 2-7 delivers Atlas Copco’s unrivaled efficiency. This not only lowers operating costs but also reduces emissions for a smaller carbon footprint.

“With the addition of the Elektronikon Base controller, the G 2-7 offers easy operation and monitoring. Service indications and visual alerts help ensure that users never miss early warnings of potential problems or overlook maintenance scheduling. The G 2-7 range also includes Atlas Copco’s intuitive app, AIRKeeper, connecting the user to the G-range compressor anytime, anywhere.”

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