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Wood-Mizer adds industrial sawmill

Wood-Mizer presents the WB2000 high-performance industrial sawmill, engineered specifically to meet the needs of high-production timber processing markets in North and South America.

“Successfully installed and operating in six continents since its initial debut, the WB2000 expands the versatility and affordability of a high-performance industrial sawmill in addition to providing world-class service and support from Wood-Mizer’s leading distribution network,” the company explains.

“Packed with high-performance features, the WB2000 includes a powerful 50-hp electric motor, heavy-duty construction, low maintenance, live feed 2-camera video system, and an efficient operation with precision setworks for sawing large diameter softwood, hardwood, and tropical logs. The WB2000 can be used as a stand-alone sawmill to fully process a log, or in addition to an existing system to process irregular logs or produce custom orders.”

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