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SCM to present new drilling machines

SCM is expanding its range of drilling machines and will feature the Morbidelli cx110 and pwx500
 at AWFS.

“SCM presents morbidelli cx110 and morbidelli pwx500, expanding its drilling solutions to offer an innovative and highly specialised response to the needs of both craft businesses and the large furniture industry,” the company said.

“The two new solutions are to be found at either end of the vast range of morbidelli drilling machines: the cx110 model is mainly dedicated to companies that, regardless of their size and productivity volumes, desire a compact solution that is versatile, efficient and capable of solving all the critical issues of flexible machining; morbidelli pwx500, on the other hand, is for large furniture manufacturers and contractors looking for high-speed, connected and integrated drilling solutions without sacrificing the quality of the finishing and precision.”

As Bruno Di Napoli, SCM Business Unit Manager for machining centres and drilling solutions says: “Market demands waver between two extremes: high production standards per shift and extremely flexible batch 1 machining work. SCM’s new morbidelli drilling machines were created to interpret the client’s expectations by developing the ‘best machine’ without compromises for both the artisan and large furniture manufacturers. Nowadays, we can say with even more certainty that we have a product range to suit every company requirement with new solutions which in both cases offer top performance at highly competitive prices”.

As well as two new machines, SCM has integrated a new drilling software, Maestro 3Drill, to also apply the main advantages of Morbidelli numerically controlled programming software to drilling machines. Some of the main advantages include the possibility of directly importing three-dimensional solids with automatic recognition of the holes to be performed. This speeds up and simplifies the user’s programming experience, according fto the company.

Visit with SCM at AWFS booth No. 2428.