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PaintLine introduces a new, expandable, heavy-duty rack

PaintLine has just announced that the ProDryingRack EX Plus Series is now available. The EX Plus has 15 removable shelves and can be configured with up to four towers, providing from 20” to 180” of horizontal rack space on each level, with a total weight capacity of up to 1,800 pounds.

With heavy duty, 5” locking casters and anti-torque stabilizers, the EX Plus can be rolled to the desired shop area, even under load.

The ProDryingRack EX Plus Series comes in two models: the three-tower PDREX3, and four-tower PDREX4.

The two-towered PDREX is the base rack configuration for the series. It has 15 shelves/levels, expands from 20” to 60” and has a weight capacity of 900 lbs.

The PDREX3 adds one tower, stabilizers and shelves for 120” or 10’ of horizontal rack space and 1,350 lbs. of weight capacity.

The PDREX 4 adds two towers, stabilizers and shelves for 180” or 15’ of horizontal rack space and 1,800 lbs. of weight capacity.

For more, visit booth No. 869 at AWFS.