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OVVO adds tool-free dowel connector

OVVO continues to expand its range of wood joining connectors for tool-free assembly of furniture and cabinet components.

“The latest addition to the OVVO product family is the incredible OVVO Dowel (OD30), which is specifically designed to work in standard drill patterns,” the company said in a statement.

“The OD30 is inserted into the panel without any glue to form a permanent joint in 15mm panels and above. These new connectors make it even easier for manufacturers to incorporate OVVO into their standard processes, saving time and money by eliminating glue and case clamping time. No additional equipment or capital needed to deliver tools free assembly products to the end customer.

“This new self-clamping, glueless, invisible OVVO Dowel is designed for connecting cabinet parts and all types of furniture using standard drilled holes on both sides of the joint, thereby simplifying the panel processing operations while continuing to provide all of the benefits of OVVOs’ proven tools-free assembly methodology.”

Visit OVVO at AWFS booth No. 3246.