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Oneida will feature the Supercell dust collector

Oneida Air Systems will present the Supercell Mobile at AWFS, the first and only dust collector on the market with high enough levels of static pressure and CFM to accommodate every tool in the shop with a dust port size of 1” to 5”.

“The Supercell is a cyclonic dust collector with a 97.8” static pressure rating, over 10 times higher suction power than standard dust collectors,” the company explains.

“Powered by three fan motors working in sync, the Supercell’s high suction creates an intense vacuum that moves the dust-laden air at a relentless pace, overcoming resistance points (such as long hose or duct runs, 90-degree angles, and small diameter connections) that would choke traditional dust collection systems. Its onboard HEPA-certified filter easily pulses clean without the need for disassembly, maximizing run time and performance while minimizing the operator’s exposure to dust.

“At 28.5″ wide, 30″ deep, and 61″ tall, with 10″ diameter rear wheels and 3″ diameter side locking front casters, the compact, portable design of the Supercell Mobile allows it to travel virtually anywhere. Made in the U.S. and available now from for $2,845, the Supercell Mobile is sold with a steel, powder coated mobility cart, 14-gallon mobile drop-down dust bin with fill level indicator, wireless remote, HEPA filter, blast gate, bag retainer system, five liner bags, and 25’ of 4″ diameter vacuum pressure rated hose.”

For more, visit booth No. 2709 at AWFS.