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Oneida to present its latest dust collection solutions

Oneida Air Systems will showcase its Dust Deputy Low-Pro lid separator and other new products at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

“At 4″ tall, the Dust Deputy Low-Pro lid separator is the most compact separator available from Oneida Air, allowing it to fit underneath a workbench and in other tight spaces,” the exgibitor explained.

“Uniquely designed to offer up to 50 percent more airflow (CFM) and allow debris to pass through unobstructed — two common limitations of other lid-style separators — the Dust Deputy Low-Pro excels in its ability to collect a variety of materials, from wood dust to trash, and more.

“Like the original Dust Deputy cyclone, the new Dust Deputy Low-Pro pre-separates 99 percent of dust and debris before it reaches your vacuum’s filter, eliminating clogging and suction loss while extending the life of your filter.

“Made from clear, durable resin and designedfor vacuums with 2.5” hoses, the Dust Deputy Low-Pro lid separator attaches to any standard five-gallon bucket with two included latches.”

The Dust Deputy Low-Pro (AXD250099) sells for $59.95. It’s available in a Deluxe Kit (AXD259922) with a five-gallon Dust Bucket and more for $139.95.

Visit with Oneida Air Systems at AWFS booth No. 2900.