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Northtech will present the iDovetail

Northtech Machine has officially launched the iDovetail, a compact 3-axis CNC dovetail machine with capabilities beyond any other dovetailer available, according to the AWFS exhibitor.

The iDovetail has eight profile modes that provide options from fixed pitch dovetails to mitered mortise and tenon joinery or even custom profiles such as stair tread returns.

“No other CNC dovetailer on the market offers the 3-axis or this kind of interface. It truly is a state-of-the-art machine that can do more than any other dovetailer available,” says Northtech President Brandon Koetter.

“The iDovetail utilizes a Window-based interface that is so user friendly, that it literally guides the operator step-by-step through an animated touch screen tutorial. Today’s cabinet shops that are thriving have figured out how to keep costs low, while providing custom and unique design that is internet trend worthy. The iDovetail provides all this and more while reducing new operator learning curves.”

Visit Northtech Machine at AWFS booth No. 2400.