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Minimize loading with Klingpor’s GrenTec abrasives

Klingspor’s new GreenTec material is produced for industries where significant loading of the abrasive occurs, according to the AWFS exhibitor.

“Wood sanding, sanding of finishes, and sanding of solid surface materials are just a few of the many applications where the benefits of this product can be easily seen,” the company said in a statement. “Minimizing loading increases product longevity and creates better overall finishes.

“Produced with premium aluminum oxide grains, Klingspor’s top quality backings of C-weight paper and polyethylene film, and a patented advanced coating technology, GreenTec performs well in most disc and sheet sanding applications.”

GrenTec is available in discs – both PSA and Kling-on – sheets and rolls.

For more, visit booth No. 4222 at the AWFS fair and