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Grex will introduce new 2” 23-gauge headless pinners

When it comes to a 23-gauge headless pinner, a tool that drives the finest pin nail possible, having a lightweight compact tool is even more critical to achieving the precision finish and trim work users demand. Now, the Grex cordless technology finally makes it possible to create a cordless version of this tool.

Grex will present its new model GCP650 cordless 2″ 23-guage headless pinner at the 2019 AWFS Fair.

“Grex has engineered the first cordless 23-gauge headless pinner that is as similar in size, weight, balance and power as a traditional pneumatic 23-gauge pinner. Plus, this is all achieved with the same award-winning robust build quality that users have trusted in Grex for more than 25 years,” the company said.

For more, visit booth No. 10014 at AWFS and