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Grass America to display product range

Grass America will highlight its portfolio of functional hardware solutions and accessories at AWFS, including the Zargen and ZBox drawer systems, Tiomos hinge system, Dynapro undermount slides, Nova Pro Scala double-wall drawer system, and TEC soft-close hinge system.

“The ZBox and Zargen drawer systems will be on display, offering a full line of metal drawer solutions that can be assembled in two minutes or less,” the company said. “At the booth, visitors will see how both products comprise ideal combinations of enhanced components and features. These combined, enhanced features ultimately make both products ideal solutions for drawers and cabinetry.

“Attendees can also explore a portfolio of European-style hinges with the Tiomos hinge system, which combines modern design with integrated soft-close action and optimized kinematics. Tiomos’ continuous, smooth closing comes in a complete portfolio of opening angles, closing options, and configurations, making it one of the most versatile hinges on the market.

“The classic Dynapro undermount slide will also be prominently displayed. This product is renowned for its smooth-running performance and quiet kinematics. With an eye toward design, visitors can also view Grass’ Nova Pro Scala double-wall drawer system, delivering timeless elegance with futuristic design elements ideal for the residential construction market.

“The display allows visitors to hear and feel TEC soft-close hinges’ quiet and effortless closing action. Designed for face frame cabinetry, TEC features an integrated three-tiered, soft-close adjustment switch that controls the damping resistance of the hinge, while its settings can be fine-tuned per hinge to achieve optimal and consistent closing action. Attendees can discuss this tuning process and other features in detail with expert members of Grass’ team.”

Visit with Grass America at AWFS booth No. 3423.