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Discover the latest software from Cyncly

The Cyncly booth will feature the latest software solutions from Compusoft, 2020 and other affiliated brands at AWFS, including 2020 Ideal Spaces, 2020 Insight, and 3CAD.

2020 Ideal Spaces is a consumer-facing, online configuration tool. It exponentially increases engagement with prospects and inspires your target customers to continue their journey with you until the end, according to the exhibitor.

“2020 Ideal Spaces allows users to discover ideas, browse product catalogs and create their designs at home, in store, or on the go.”

2020 Insight offers an end-to-end cloud-based ERP manufacturing software solution built specifically for cabinet, furniture, and architectural millwork manufacturers. “2020 Insight creates a seamless flow of information from the bid and order entry through to final installation,” the company said.

“3CAD enables manufacturers to design, order and manufacture in one system. Speed up and fully control the entire production process from customer design through to CNC production with one web-based 3D configurator. Create your own accurate and stunning catalogues and manage your retailers all with one simple-to-use system. Configure any product you make in 3D, with powerful 3D configuration software that Automate many of the complex rules required for manufacturing through our furniture CAD software.”

Visit with Cyncly at AWFS booth No. 3218.